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Once upon a time ... on a planet that was not yet digitally remastered ... there was a place that sounded warm & scratchy ... a place where a 'Black Vinyl Sun' made my world go round in 33/45 rpm ... a place where artists revealed their musical treasures and served their 'Black Vinyl Sun' in breathtaking artistic packages ...

Today, I still enJOY the Music of that vinyl-era of the 60', 70' and early 80', but in July 2012, I also started to wonder about the cover stories behind those Classics .... Classic Album Art was born!

Have a Good Time
enjoy the Art
enjoy the Music

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Cover Front

! Many ways lead to Rome - text, albums & buttons - just 'play' them.

! When chosen an album, scroll down and play it.

! Don't forget to hit the 'Albumpedia-logo' for more info about the album, the cover art & the artist. Here you'll find the real magic!

! On top of the 'Navigation-bar' you'll find the arrows. These are interesting shortcuts to explore the 'art & music' -section.

! Click the 'search-icon' for a quick search to CAA-topics & albums.

! Use your 'phone-arrow' to navigate to your former position / one screen back / close music.

Juke Box

CAA is Art & Music. The player starts with a 'zoomed-in-Art-Impression' of the Album. Scroll to explore. To play some music there are several options.

! 'One Hit' & 'Album' are YouTube-based & embedded for instant play.

! 'Spotify' is Spotify-based & opens the spotify widget in the player with a 30 sec pre-listen until your activate your spotify app. Get back to CAA with your phone-arrow.

! When streaming music, mind your data bundle / use Wifi.

The real 'Juke Box - feeling'
On mobile devices the music you play is one screen based. To get a real juke box feeling, CAA has chosen for the spotify-section. Once you have opened your spotify-app and return to CAA, the music wil continue and you can explore CAA in full glory. On the desktopversion it feels even better!!

Quick play
1. hit the CAA logo for Station 21
2. hit any album for direct spotify

oke, I got it

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