Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind - 1983

Derek Riggs (who created Eddie) painted the cover of Piece of Mind. Before the album was released the band introduced their single Flight of Icarus (3th song on the album). On this single cover you see Eddie, who escaped the little box floating near by the sun. His padded cell.

Another nice detail is the burning angel / Icarus. Riggs explaines:
"It's got Eddie burning Icarus up with a flamethrower thing. Just when they decided to do that as a single, Led Zeppelin decided they weren't making any more records, so that burning Icarus figure is a takeoff from Led Zeppelin's Swan Song logo. If you look at that, it's got Robert Plant as an angel with his wings on, so we burned him (laughs)." Got it? Let's go the padded cell now - the album cover.
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