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Classic Album Art

Cover Front

ELO - Eldorado

Hey! Hello! What about this?

Classic Album Art

release - 1974
album art - John Kehe
Norman Seef

cover front

Bev Bevan - drums - about the cover art:

'After Eldorado was recorded, the band was shown the design for the album cover. The band's first reaction was disbelief: 'What a load of crap! This has to be stopped immediately'.

Then they were told that the cover actually was a snapshot from the movie 'Wizard of Oz'. The cover pictures the green handed witch, trying to take away Dorothy's magic shoes. Don Arden, the band's manager, thought it would be good ELO promotion, as it was quite recognisable for American audiences. And afterwards, when the band got a lots of compliments for the artwork, they decided it was indeed a 'marvellous cover'.

cover back

Cover Back



Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) are an British rock group from Birmingham, England. They were formed to accommodate Roy Wood's and Jeff Lynne's desire to create modern rock and pop songs with classical overtones. After Wood's departure following the band's debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged all of the group's original compositions and produced every album.

From 1972 to 1986, ELO accumulated twenty Top 20 songs on the UK Singles Chart, and fifteen Top 20 songs on the US Billboard Hot 100. ELO collected 19 CRIA, 21 RIAA and 38 BPI awards and sold over 50 million records worldwide during the group's original 13-year period of active recording and touring. In 2012, Lynne reformed the band under the moniker Jeff Lynne's ELO.

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