Supertramp - Breakfast in America - 1979

The album's front cover resembles an overlook of New York City through an
aeroplane window. It was designed by Mike Doud and depicts Kate Murtagh. She
is dressed as a waitress named 'Libby', as a Statue of Liberty figure.
She is holding up a glass of orange juice on a small plate in one hand (in place of the torch on the Statue) and a foldable restaurant menu in the other hand, on which 'Breakfast In America' is written.

The background featured a city made from a cornflake box, ashtray, cutlery (for the wharfs), eggboxes, vinegar, ketchup and mustard bottles, all spraypainted white.
The Twin Towers appear as two stacks of boxes and the plate of breakfast represents Battery Park, the departure point for the Staten Island Ferry.

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