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Supertramp are an English rock band formed in 1969 under the name Daddy before renaming themselves in early 1970. Their music is a combination of traditional rock, pop and art rock. The band's work is marked by the songwriting of founders Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson and the prominent use of Wurlitzer electric piano and saxophone.

Supertramp sold 60 million albums worldwide and had a number of major hits, including Hodgson's songs 'Give a Little Bit', 'The Logical Song', 'Take the Long Way Home', 'Dreamer', 'Breakfast in America', 'It's Raining Again', and Davies' songs, 'Bloody Well Right', 'Goodbye Stranger', and 'Cannonball'. Since co-founder Hodgson's departure in 1983, Rick Davies has led the band by himself .
Albums: Crime of the Century | ... Quietest Moments | Breakfast ...