FAQ about Classic Album Art - a little guide

Navigation - many ways lead to Rome - text, albums & buttons - just 'play' them.
! When chosen an album, coverstory or artist info page, the blue 'check' button becomes an interesting shortcut to explore the next topic of that category. Click AAG to visit the corresponding Artist Art Gallery.

Music - the player is YouTube-based (embedded / minimized)
! No music? Report a broken link and / or try Spotify (album)
! Station 21 is always playing (mp3 / streaming / shuffled)
! CAA-studio is a standalone player / current playing music will stop!

Screen - CAA has a 'no-vertitcal scrolling' policy. a Juke Box doesn't scroll, does it!?
! Use Ctrl +/- to adjust CAA to your monitor settings. F11 - Fullscreen experience.
Reset: 1 screen back - more info -> click info button again